How to Create a Self Publishing Company

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Midwest Writers Workshop is hosting my (online) class on How to Create a Self Publishing Company.

Coming August 27, 2018!

When you decide to self-publish your book, you need to establish a business–a publishing company. But how difficult is it to form a publishing company? What do you need to do today and what can wait a few weeks or even years? Author and CPA, Carol Topp explains the three steps you can take this week to get your business started.

This course is for authors who have decided to self-publish and need to understand how to establish a business that will be viewed as a legitimate and respected publishing company. This is professional advice from a CPA and author at a great rate!

In this course you will learn:

  • 3 things you can do today to start your publishing business
  • What filings you need to do with the IRS
  • What paperwork your state will require
  • Tips on setting up a business bank account
  • What business licenses you will need
  • Which tasks you can put off until later
  • What business structure works well for authors

Format: Two pre-recorded video sessions including handouts of the PowerPoint slides. Sessions will be about 30 minutes each. Access to a Facebook group or Facebook live session to ask questions of the presenter.

Cost: $80 (if you paid my hourly rate it would be $225!)

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Carol Topp, CPA

Author Business Tips and Taxes for Writers

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