Shocking News To Authors: The Book Business Is A Business First

December 10th, 2011 → 8:25 am @

 Terry Whalin, author and publisher, gives us insight into the costs of publishing that most authors never see.   Before I began working inside a book publishing house, I had written more than 50 nonfiction books, ranging from children’s to adult books. I have never self-published a book and always worked through traditional publishers. However, […]

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10 Questions Writers Have

November 28th, 2011 → 2:00 pm @

Have questions about writing? Business? Renowned author and publisher Terry Whalin has the answer! Jumpstart your writing business; take advantage of his wisdom: Articles about Common Writing Questions Do Agents Look For New Authors? Why should I write nonfiction instead of fiction? Why Is A Writers Conference Important? How Should I Pack for A Writers […]

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Top 10 Blogs for Authors

November 10th, 2011 → 2:00 pm @

Need a better marketing strategy? Looking to be self-published? Just want advice from other authors? Self-published author and blogger Shelley Hitz put together a list of the Top Ten Blogs all authors must follow. She is spot on! Still need more? Learn helpful business and tax tips in my new book, Business Tips and Taxes […]

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New podcast: Business Tips and Taxes for Writers

November 3rd, 2011 → 6:28 pm @

Carol Topp, CPA has a new podcast of interest to writers, bloggers, authors and publishers. Business Tips and Taxes for Writers   Listen to internet radio with FeliceGerwitz on Blog Talk Radio (give it about 10-20 seconds to load the podcast) Join host, Felice Gerwitz and her  guest, Carol Topp, CPA as she shares information […]

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Interview 10/24/11 on business tips and taxes for writers

October 24th, 2011 → 6:49 pm @

Join host, Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, Carol Topp, CPA today (10/24/2011 at 3: 30 pm ET) .  Carol will share information about her latest book, Information in a Nutshell: Business Tips and Taxes for Writers! If you write you won’t want to miss this segment. Carol was asked to write this book by […]

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CreateSpace or Lightning Source Intl?

October 13th, 2011 → 7:02 am @

photo credit: Jose C Silva I belong to a very active and helpful Yahoo group for self publishers. Recently, a member asked about the pros and cons of CreateSpace and Lightening Source International (LSI). Here’s an excellent reply from Pete Masterson along with price comparisons that does my CPA heart proud. Create Space — PROS […]

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Going Indie: Is It Worth it?

September 22nd, 2011 → 8:34 am @

Author Cary Corp reveals her sales and royalties from indie publishing

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