Carol Topp covers a lot of great financial essentials for writers in this book. I find taxes and business essentials often very confusing, and she did a great job of making a complicated subject easy for me to understand. Thx, Carol!

—Betty A. Walker, author of The Wise Web Lady’s Marketing Secrets for Local Business Success


Writers are an interesting audience and the target for BUSINESS TIPS AND TAXES FOR WRITERS. For the last 25+ years, I’ve been active in the publishing world as a writer, an editor, a former literary agent and currently a book publisher. I’ve learned the hard way that when you need help, you turn to an expert. For a book contract, you turn to a literary attorney–not your lawyer friend who knows nothing about publishing. It’s the same with taxes and properly running your freelance business. You need to turn to an expert–a Certified Public Accountant like Carol Topp who is also an author and has lived in the world of freelance writing.

This book is a quick read yet packed with solid advice and information for the writer. Every writer can profit from the valuable contents in these pages.

—Terry Whalin, author, agent, editor

In anticipation of self-publishing a book myself, I find Topp’s book to be a great guide that provides simple, clear answers to confusing tax issues. Topp also offers organizational advice, as well as references to additional websites and books. A must-have for new authors!

—Ruth Wacker, teacher and author



“Carol Topp’s Business Tips and Taxes for Writers is essential for setting up your business, minimizing your mistakes, and maximizing your profits!”

—Cathy Diez-Luckie, publisher at


I read Carol Topp’s book, Business Tips and Taxes for Writers, and kept thinking, “Now I understand! Why didn’t someone explain it that way before?” Carol has a knack for making confusing topics clear and putting complex subjects such as taxes and inventory in a nutshell. Her book is an easy, but essential, read.

—Mary Hood, Ph.D., Author of “The Relaxed Home School” ,


“Carol’s skills as a teacher and communicator are evident in her well-written books and speaking engagements. She is a joy to work with and is always well-prepared and well-versed in her subjects. I highly recommend her.” —Sharon Siepel, author of Essential Survival Guide to Living on Your Own

A must read for authors!  Carol Topp makes these difficult concepts easy to understand. Business Tips and Taxes for Writers is full of helpful information encouraging writers to be able to run a profitable business.

—JoJo Tabares, Author of Say What You Mean series


“This book is THE book I have been looking for since I began writing. This is a handy reference for those who are ready to take their writing seriously and get busy building a successful business. Every page is packed full of applicable information—TODAY! This information is so needed by busy writers of blogs, articles, or books. Everything you could ever need to know is covered—from setting up your business, learning how to claim your expenses and profits, what’s required and how to make record keeping a breeze—it is all covered in this dynamic book. This quick read will save you money immediately. And, believe me, you’ll be referencing this book often. Just like a personal CPA all along the way.”

—Cindy Rushton, writer, speaker,business coach, and radio show host.


“This book is a must-have for authors. Even non-authors with an interest in starting their own business will benefit from Carol’s knowledge. Easy to read (not full of accountant lingo), well organized & thorough. As the owner of a bookkeeping firm that caters to small businesses, I highly recommend this book!”

—Dena Martin, Smooth Sailing Bookkeeping