Even more tax deductions for writers and bloggers

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IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled Out
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The list of tax deductions for writers and bloggers grows longer…

  • Taxes and licenses including sales tax paid to your state from book sales and a business or vendor’s license.
  • Travel and meals when you are away from your tax home overnight for business purposes such as attending a conference.  Deduct the mileage or car rental costs, lodging and one-half of the meals spent while on a business trip. If you take your spouse or family, only the portion for you, the business owner, is deductible.In 2018 entertainment expenses are no longer tax deductible.
  • Utilities such as telephone, cell phone, and internet service charges. The first phone line into a home is considered a personal expense and not deductible as a business expense. Separate your personal and business use of your cell phone and the internet. Only the business portion is a tax deduction.

Business Tips and Taxes for Writers Update 2018
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It’s been updated to include the new changes to the tax laws!


Carol Topp, CPA

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