Tax deductions for bloggers (and writers)

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Bloggers, like authors and other writers, can take advantage of several tax deductible expenses

Advertising and  Promotion and Design

Author and speaker Susan Gunelius compiled a fantastic list of tax deductions for bloggers at. She writes “Most bloggers invest something into design, advertising or promotion each year. Remember to deduct applicable expenses such as:

  • Blog design (custom blog, header, etc.)
  • Advertising design
  • Logo, letterhead, etc. design
  • Advertising placement
  • Contest prizes
  • Promotional giveaways (for example, imprinted pens, magnets, etc.)
  • Paid site submissions
  • Search engine optimization services”

Travel and Entertainment

Susan Gunelius  goes on to explain, “If you attend blogging conferences or meetings, you can most likely deduct those expenses:

  • Conference fees
  • Hotel charges while away on business related to your blog
  • Dining charges while away on business related to your blog (Note from Carol Topp, CPA: you can deduct actual meals or a per diem rate that varies by city and state. See I find the per diem rate to be much more than my actual meals)
  • Entertainment for clients you take out related to your blog
  • Transportation (car, train, plane, etc.) when it relates to business for your blog (Note from Carol Topp, CPA: mileage around town is deductible when it is business related)”

Professional Development

Many bloggers belong to professional associations related to the topic of their blog or to blogging itself. These professional dues are deductible. Attendance  at blogging conferences is tax deductible. Additionally, periodicals and books that you purchase to help you learn and grow are deductible.

Internet-related Expenses

As a blogger, you can deduct your hosting fees, domain name registration fees, image and music downloads and internet access fees.

Computer and Office Equipment

You can deduct your computer, router, monitor, software, etc. Office equipment such as a desk, chair, or file cabinets are deductible. Also deduct cameras used in your blogging business.


A second phone line for your business or fax machine is a business deduction. Divide your personal and business use of your cell phone and deduct only the business portion.

Supplies and Stationery

Business cards, paper, office supplies, folders, stamps, post office box, safe deposit box (if you use one solely for your blogging business), etc.

Business Use of the Home

If you work from your home and have space devoted to your business, you can deduct a portion of your home expenses including utilities and mortgage interest as a business of the home expense. This deduction has its own , rather complex form, Form 8829, Fortunately, the IRS introduced a new simple calculation of $5/sq foot (up to a maximum of 300 sq ft) for 2013.

Professional  fees

Fees for a lawyer or accountant are tax deductible business expenses.


I hope you take every tax deduction you are legally entitled!

Carol Topp,CPA


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