Five Secrets to Short Cut Your Record Keeping for Tax Benefits

January 26th, 2012 → 10:02 pm @


Webinar Friday, January 27th at 12 noon EST

For Authors & Writers (aspiring or published)

Authors and Writers work hard at their ideas, writing their manuscripts or blogs and then waking up to see that no one is reading their information or wants to buy their book! On this webinar, Felice a best-selling author and publisher and Carol Topp, CPA and author are going to share with you:


Carol Topp, CPA has worked successfully in helping writers save time with their bookkeeping and record keeping with paperless transactions and short cuts. In this session she will reveal several key tips from her new book, “Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.”
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2 Comments → “Five Secrets to Short Cut Your Record Keeping for Tax Benefits”

  1. Julian Block

    12 years ago

    I’ve also done a book on tax tips for writers. Good luck with your book.

  2. Carol

    12 years ago

    Mr Block,
    I appreciate the well wishes from such a well known and respected author and tax expert.

    My publisher asked me to contribute this book to their Information in a Nutshell series and it includes several chapters on business aspects of being a writer such as choosing a business structure, software for record keeping, dealing with inventory, etc as well as information on taxes.

    I’ll have my publicist send you a review copy if you wish.

    Carol Topp, CPA