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I took some information that was in my head and wrote a book about it. It’s so much easier than you think!

From Idea to Information Product to Profitable and Very Successful Business.

It only takes 4 short weeks to create your own information product…

If you have an idea, then you can go From Idea to Information Product to Profitable and Very Successful Business in only 4 short weeks! Yes, YOU! Even if you do not have a website or even one customer yet!

My fiend and business mentor Cindy Ruston is offering her Information Product live coaching sessions again starting Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I took this class in December 2009 and learned a TON. It is one of the best classes I have taken to help me learn how to package and sell my information. It is PACKED with helpful information, resources, how-tos, tutorials, etc. This is very hands-on. Cindy is a great teacher and shows you step-by-step how to set up a website and sell your information product.

Here’s what you get:

WEEK ONE: From Idea to Information Product to Profitable and Very Successful Business
Who are You?
Which Topic TODAY?
Ideas! What Do I Do with Them?

WEEK TWO: Information Products–YEP! YOU Can Do It!
What Can You Do With Your Ideas? Let’s Make it Easy!
Tips and Practical How-To’s for Creating Your Own Products
What Do You Need?
What Do You Do With Your Information Product?
How Do You Get It All Done–With the Hubby, Kids, and a Busy Life?

WEEK THREE: Get Ready for Success! Secrets that will EXPLODE Your Business!
Setting Up Your Site to Sell!
Building a Responsive Mailing List
Stepping into Social Networking
Taking it Uplevel!

WEEK FOUR: Finished! Now What????
Now WHAT???
Getting Ready to Launch
Lining Up Your Help
Marketing: Getting the Word Out
Marketing Mistakes

Cindy’s class was great. I created an information product (an ebook) in those 4 weeks, learned how to set up a website to sell it, and started a mailing list. It was amazing how much I learned and did in those 4 weeks.

Sign up for the sessions here:
But that’s not all. I was amazed that Cindy set up a membership site that I can revisit at any time and watch videos, listen to the sessions again, chat with other classmates and read helpful articles.

  • Access to our Membership Site--We have already hosted this group coaching course before. When you join this group, you not only receive access to our live group coaching sessions in April, but you also get immediate access to the Membership Site with all of the audios, tutorials, and videos from the last group coaching course. You will LOVE this!
  1. Video Tutorials on setting up your website step-by-step!
  2. Video Tutorials on setting up and using WordPress!
  3. Video Tutorials on how to set up your mailing list!
  4. Bonus Audios and Ebooks!

The From Idea to Information Product to Profitable and Very Successful Business class is offered in three different price packages:

  • 4 week class and membership site (recorded; not live, so listen when you want) $99.00
  • 4 week class, membership site and live Group Coaching Sessions $149.00
  • 4 week class, membership site, live Group Coaching Sessions plus 4 private coaching sessions $349

I bought the middle package. I really enjoyed the live sessions because I could ask a lot of questions and the live sessions kept me on track to accomplishing my goals. The Membership site alone is worth $149 (or more). I still keep up with other students and go back to the site to refresh what I’ve learned.

Cindy Rushton

Do you have some knowledge or information in your head! Get it out and create an information product. Consider joining Cindy in her 4 week class. I encourage you to do the live sessions. I think they were worth every penny. I might pop in too, because as an alumni I can join in the sessions!

Read more about that class here and scroll down to the bottom page to order.

Sign up for the sessions here:

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