I read every issue of this newsletter: Book Marketing Matters

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Thank you Brian Jud for adding my business tips for writers to your bi-weekly newsletter!

Brian’s newsletter,  Book Marketing Matters contains regular columns with tips from Dan Poynter, John Kremer, Guy Achtzehn, Rick Frishman, Eric Kampmann, Paulette Ensign, Judith Briles, Tonya Evans and Roger C. Parker.

I get a lot of newsletters, emails and print magazines about book publishing.

Brian’s Book Marketing Matters is one of the few that I read IN ITS ENTIRETY every issue!

It’s that good and that helpful!


To subscribe to Book Marketing Matters or for copies of all the previous issues visit https://www.bookmarketingworks.com/mktgmattersnews/ 


Brian Jud now offers commission-based sales to buyers in special markets and several other programs to contact prospective buyers in special markets for you through personal sales calls, customized mailings and telephone calls. There is a program for any budget. www.premiumbookcompany.com 


Brian is also an author and book-marketing consultant helping publishers market and promote their books to increase their sales and profits. Brian is a media trainer, frequent speaker at publishing events and host of the online Publisher’s Bookstore listing many discounted titles on publishing, publicity, marketing and writing. Contact Brian  (800) 562-4357; brianjud@bookmarketing.com or go to https://www.bookmarketing.com


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