Selling to the Homeschool Market

November 29th, 2012 → 1:35 am @

Have you created a great educational product or service to sell to the homeschool market?

You’ll want to attend the  Homeschool Marketing Expo, an online event

This event is geared for serious business owners who want access the latest sales & marketing information. Gathering a group of industry professionals with a proven track record, your host, author, publisher and convention speaker, Felice Gerwitz is here to jump-start your are the answers you need all in one place. Continue reading »


I’ll be doing a workshop on Thursday December 6 at 2 pm ET


“Nuts and Bolts of Dollars and Sense”

Carol  Topp shares her expertise as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and and a homeschool vendor. She offers practical advice to business owners—nuts and bolts information on names, numbers and business structures. And covers some helpful information on the dollars and cents affecting sellers to the home eduction market, specifically paying sales tax and attending homeschool conventions.



The Gold and Bronze levels get a 30 minute consultation with me!


Carol Topp, CPA

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