Video blog: Can a writer deduct travel expenses?

February 25th, 2013 → 8:36 am @

Here’s a short video clip of me, Carol Topp, CPA, giving a presentation to a writers group.

I’m giving them a quiz on taxes.
Can a writer deduct travel expenses to an exotic place for research on a future book?



I really enjoy speaking to writers groups. To invite me to speak to your group, either live or via Skype, please contact me.

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4 Comments → “Video blog: Can a writer deduct travel expenses?”

  1. Hi Carol,

    Just shared your informative video on travel research deductions on my “Gutsy Indie Publishers” facebook page. We’re 200+ indie-publishers, and you might want to join us as we are always looking for new experts.

    Also, I wanted to ask if there is a time limit on deductions? I started my memoir 7 years ago, and attended classes, conferences, hired 4 different editors along the way. Can I make deductions for all 7 years prior to my publishing in 2012? Is there a limit on the # of years you can deduct prior to publication?
    Do I add all expenses together by year, or can I lump my expenses for all 7 years together?
    I did start my own publishing company in 2012.

    Thanks for your advice.


  2. Carol

    11 years ago

    Thanks for the info on the Facebook group! I just joined!

  3. Alyce Wilson

    10 years ago

    Great information, but I was wondering if you could begin providing transcriptions or closed captioning for the people who are hard of hearing or, like me, have a preschooler babbling in their ear and can’t pay as close attention as they would like? Ah, the challenges of being a WAHM!

  4. Carol

    10 years ago

    Good idea! I’m a newbie to video editing, but I’ll keep that in mind.