What can a writer deduct on a tax return?

March 23rd, 2012 → 10:40 am @

I enjoyed speaking to Quinn Barret of Wise Bear Books in a podcast where we talked about Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.

Here’s what we talked about:


What can a writers deduct on their taxes?

Is Sch C (sole proprietorship) an audit flag to the IRS?

Are costs to get my book on Kindle or Nook tax deductible?

What can I deduct if I haven’t sold a book yet?

You’re in business before you make money!

When do you need a CPA?


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  1. Adam Hunter

    12 years ago

    If you write for a living, it’s probably best to get someone like a contractor accountant on board. They’re cheap for small businesses (like writers) and let you know everything you can claim on expenses and deduct from tax. I was a bit scheptical at first, but they’ve helped me to make the most of my earnings and helped me claim tax back all sorts of crazy things.