What Do CPA’s Charge?

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What Do CPA’s Charge?

Naturally CPA fees vary depending on location and their experience. A typical rate for a one-hour consultation with a small business CPA might cost you $100 to $300. Many CPAs will meet with a new business owner for 30 minutes for no charge.

Many writers use CPAs for tax preparation only. A recent survey by the National Society of Accountantsfound that the tax preparation fees for the following business forms:

  • Sole proprietorship (form Schedule C): $212
  • Partnership return (Form 1065): $551
  • S corporations: $665>
  • C corporations: $692

These fees do not include the tax return for the individual which averaged $229 for a Form 1040 with itemized deductions and a state return. The survey found that tax preparation fees vary by region and size of the firm.


Carol Topp, CPA


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