Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast: Taxes for Writers

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I was honored to be interviewed by Judith Briles’ podcast: Your Guide to Book Publishing

Judith’s podcast is EXCELLENT. I always learn  a ton from her guests and Judith herself.

We talked about :

  • The top business mistakes authors make
  • Tax deductions for writers
  • If Judith’s cruise is a legitimate tax deduction
  • How a self published author pays herself
  • What to expect to pay in taxes if your a self published author
  • When does  an author move from hobby writing to a business?
  • Should an author consider being an LLC? What will LLC status do for them?
  • How to find a good, helpful accountant


Listen to the podcast here. (This link will allow you to download the podcast and listen in)

To see a list of all Judith’s podcasts, go here.

Look for the April 29, 2013 podcast titled Tax Tips and Strategies for Authors 04-29-2013


Listen to the whole thing (about an hour). It’s like a free hour-long consultation with a CPA ($75 value!).

Carol Topp, CPA


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