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Calculator, Pen and CalendarI get it. You’re a writer, a “word” person, not a “numbers” person.

But you’re at this website because you know that writing is a business and business means numbers.

But does the writing business have to include accounting, with all those weird words like depreciation and accounts receivable?

Maybe not. Record keeping is important, but you can run a small business as a writer, author or freelancer without having to learn an accounting software program.

Thanks to many new programs, freelancers, writers, and micro business owners now can use software designed just for them, with only the essential features they need.I’m not going to review software here, but instead I’ll point you to the review done by PC magazine on small business accounting software:

The Best Small Business Accounting Software


What do I use? I use QuickBooks, but then again I’m a CPA. Numbers and accounting don’t scare me (except when a Balance sheet doesn’t balance!)

What do I recommend to my writing clients and friends? It depends on the nature of your business, but I’d take a look at It was designed to send out invoices which is great for freelance writers or consider which says they love working with freelancers.

*Note: I was not paid or thanked in any way for this post. There are no affiliate commissions tied to these products. I am not endorsing or recommending them, because I have not used them myself.

Carol Topp, CPA

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