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August 5th, 2014 → 9:46 am @

People do not seem to understand what copyright means.

They seem to think that if they buy a book, especially an ebook or pdf book, they can make as many copies as they wish.

They don’t seem to understand that the right to copy a book is owned by the author and only the author has the right to copy the book.


Here’s what I’m going to put on the copyright page of my next ebook:

No part of this book may be copied, reproduced or shared electronically without written permission from the author except for brief quotations for reviews.

 Ok, you’ve read those words before, but this is what they mean:

 Copyright means you do not have permission to copy this book simply because you purchased it. Photocopying pages or printing out multiple copies is illegal and stealing the right of the author.

 If you have multiple children using this book, you do not have permission to print off multiple copies. You must purchase an additional copy for each child.

 Think that it will help deter illegal copying and sharing of my ebooks?

Carol Topp


P.S. You have my permission to copy my copyright statement!


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