When should a writer hire a CPA?

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When do I need to hire a CPA, like yourself?


Good question! Here are a few times when the expertise of a CPA (Certified Public Accountant ) can help a writer.

  • You receive a letter from the IRS or state department of taxation
  • You hire an employee
  • You hate record keeping and want someone else to do it
  • You know there are more tax deductions that you could be taking
  • Tax forms confuse you
  • You hate tax preparation and want someone else to do it
  • When you need help setting up a record keeping system
  • When you need to be trained in QuickBooks
  • You need advice on the pros and cons of Limited Liability Company (LLC) status
  • You have heard that you can reduce your income tax by forming a corporation
  • A friend is audited for something that you have been doing for years.

You can learn a lot from reading my book Business Tips and Taxes for Writers

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  1. Amanda Fleming

    11 years ago

    A certified public accountant helps so much to businesses and even individuals. One can be a financial consultant who sees to it that all financial aspects must be in good shape. Absolutely great! With my own experience, I hired one for my tax purposes. It really works for me. Thanks for sharing this post!