When should you hire a CPA?

February 6th, 2012 → 2:00 pm @

 Carol, when should I hire a CPA for my writing business?

Here’s some times when a Certified Public Accountant can be worth their fees!

  • You receive a letter from the IRS or state department of taxation
  • You hire an employee
  • You hate record keeping and want someone else to do it!
  • You know there are more tax deductions that you could be taking
  • Tax forms confuse you
  • You hate tax preparation and want someone else to do it!
  • When you need help setting up a record keeping system
  • When you need to be trained in QuickBooks
  • You need advice on the pros and cons of Limited Liability Company (LLC) status
  • You have heard that you can reduce your income tax by forming a corporation
  • A friend is audited for something that you have been doing for years.

I usually recommend finding a local CPA for tax preparation, but I can help via phone or Skype call with many of the other issues. I’ve even done QuickBooks training remotely!

Drop me an email on my contact page and we can discuss how I can help you.

Carol Topp, CPA

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