Author to Business Owner: Timothy Ashby

February 1st, 2012 → 2:00 pm @

Author to Business Owner is designed to provide first-hand business tips for any writer. Each special guest has graciously imparted knowledge of their writing business in hopes of encouraging fellow authors to grow and manage their own businesses.

This month, we are privileged to hear from Timothy Ashby! A man of many hats, Timothy earned his PhD in International Relations from USC, worked in Washington D.C. as a counter-terrorism consultant to the U.S. State Department, practices law in Florida and D.C., and works as businessman and, more recently, author. Wow! His fascinating career surely lends itself to success in writing. As a published author of Devil’s Den, I would like to share the story of his writing business. 

Timothy, could you tell us what you write?

Historical mystery/thrillers.

Do you write full time or do you still have a day job?

I am an attorney and CEO of a regulatory compliance company, FRCS, that I founded.

What is your business structure?

An LLC (Deep Down Media) owned by an S Corp.

Share a brief summary of your writing career.

Big name publishers published my two non-fiction books (one was my doctoral dissertation 20+ years ago).

What was your big break?

A friend (fellow lawyer) read my first book and loved it. She sent it to an agent friend of hers who officially was not taking on new clients. The agent read my book over the weekend, also loved it, and asked to represent me. Now, I’m working on author branding, launching my second book and a series based on my first novel.

Great. As far as your writing business, have you ever hired a CPA?

I have a good CPA who advises on my other businesses, but does not understand the writing business.

How do you do your record keeping?

On paper currently.

What are your future plans for your business? 

My agent says I must decide eventually whether I want to focus on a professional writing career as I have too many business irons in the fire!

I bet! Thanks, Timothy. I can’t wait to read your novel, Devil’s Den; it sounds so interesting. Check out this title and more of his works at his website. One of Timothy’s concerns is that his current CPA is unfamiliar with a writing business. This is a common occurrence in the writing world. If you have any questions about your writing business from taxes to financial planning, feel free to drop me a line through my website. I would be happy to help!

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