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Tax Season Special: Two videos

During tax season 2020, I am thanking customers who purchase a book from me with two videos.

These two videos on Tax Tips for Writers were recorded in 2018, but very applicable today. They cover:

Part 1:

  • Schedule C tax form line by line with a sample tax return from an author
  • Tax deductions for writers

Part 2:

  • Special tax rules for writers
  • Self Employment Tax
  • New tax law changes
  • Sales tax

Link to Part 1:  The password is TAXES (all caps)

Link to Part 2:  The password is TAXES (all caps)

Each video runs about 40 minutes.

If you still have questions about business or taxes, please feel free to email me, the author Carol Topp, CPA, at

I can also arrange a private phone consultation. Many writers find this very helpful.

I charge $100/hour and prorate for partial hours.

Drop me an email at to set up a mutually convenient time.

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